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Our Google Ads Process

1. Briefing

We'll start by sitting down and listening to your advertising goals and what you hope to achieve.

2. Keyword Research

During this important stage, we'll begin analysing which search terms are best to bid on.

3. Campaign Setup

We'll then go ahead and create your campaigns to set you up for online success.

4. Optimisation

As your campaigns are running, we'll continuously monitor and review your campaign to optimise its performance.

5. Reporting

We'll provide regular reports so you can see what we're doing and the results achieved.

Professional Google Ads Agency

With the experience and skills to help you succeed online, Strategic Vision are your new digital marketing partner.

High Buyer Intent

Google Ads captures consumers at the bottom of the purchasing funnels when they’re actively looking to buy. Of Google Ads that get clicked, 65% have buyer-intent keywords such as ‘buy,’ ‘shop,’ ‘purchase,’ for example.


Have you every noticed how ads seem to follow you around? That’s retargeting for you! Customers are actually 70% more likely to purchase when an advertiser uses retargeting.

Advanced Targeting

With Google Ads, you’ll enjoy some of the most advanced targeting options available. 

Drive Conversions

Google Ads has excellent metrics to help you track conversions and calculate return on investment.

  • ★★★★★

    Absolutely knows how to get your website up and going and nothing is a problem. An all-round great team who are full of experience and knowledge. You couldn’t ask for better service. Fast and spot on with our design and our requirements. Well done Strategic Vision!

    Sonya Hughes

    Hugh Contracting Group

  • ★★★★★

    I have been working with Mark from Strategic Vision for the past 2 years and in this time I have been very happy with the value he has given my company doing my Facebook post’s, blogs for my website ,email marketing and SEO health checks on my website. I would definitely recommend his services to friends and family.

    Kamran Khan

    Silver Water Plumbing

  • ★★★★★

    Highly recommend Mark and his team. The Strategic Vision team goes extra length to get things done.

    Paddy Beeraka

    Peekay Accounting & Business Solutions


Google Ads Results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The price you pay per click depends on a number of things including the search term you’re bidding on, ad relevancy and landing page experience amongst other things. The good thing is you can set a daily budget, usually from as little as $5. 

Your Google Ads will be displaying as soon as they have been approved – anywhere from a few hours up to a day.

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