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How Much Does Business Website Design Cost In Australia?

Are you looking to create a new website for your business?

Then read on!


There are two main considerations that will determine the final cost of your website.


Design and functionality

A simple static business website will cost less than a complicated ecommerce website.


The agency you choose

Australian-based companies are more expensive than most overseas designers. However, even here, prices can be very different. Focusing on price or cheap website designers isn’t a good idea as it often results in some major problems – from communication problems, poor design and even outright fraud.


The industry generally agrees there are four different kinds of websites:


Static small business website design

Estimated Cost: $2,000 – $3,000

With only a small number of products or services that won’t be sold online, you’ll most likely only require a very simple website which will be an online storefront where potential customers can learn more about your business. Most suited for small local businesses.


Highly converting website design

Estimated Cost: $3,000 – $5,000

If you’d like a constant flow of continuous business leads, your future website will need to be designed to get people to take action, that is what we call convert. A conversion could be an action a visitor takes such as:

  • Calling your business
  • Emailing your office
  • Downloading a lead magnet
  • Following you on social media
  • Completing a form
  • Clicking through to another page

Highly converting websites need to be designed with User Experience (UX) principles kept in mind. These types of sites are very good for small service businesses such as plumbers, accountants, electricians and builders.


Online store website design

Estimated Cost: $4,000 – $10,000

To be able to sell online and receive payment through credit cards of PayPal for example, you need an electronic commerce (ecommerce) website. On top of the regular design, some tasks required specific to an ecommerce store include:

  • setup and testing of payment gateways in Sandbox environments
  • Configuring shipping
  • Building a database of product archives
  • Designing the shopping cart
  • Entering any discount codes
  • Configuring taxes
  • Plus many more


Ecommerce website are a fair bit more complicated, require more development time and as such are more expensive.


Custom built enterprise website

Estimated Cost: From $15,000+

For bigger companies with specialised requirements, a fully customised site may be needed.  Some features that may be needed include:

  • Custom-designed plugins
  • APIs and Webhooks
  • Database synchronisation
  • Gated membership areas or portal
  • Web app design
  • CMS and other third-party integrations


Are there any other costs?


Good question!


Other costs you’ll have to pay for your website include the following:

Domain name registration

(From $50 per year)


Webhosting so your website stays live

(From $300 per year)


SSL security certificate

(Free/From $250 per year)


Writing the word for your website (Content writing)

(From $100 per 500 words)


Trusted Local Australian Web Designers


After your website is live on the internet, you may like to consider using the professional marketing services of a company such as Strategic Vision. We can help with many things to get your site visible quickly to help you get more visitors.


Some marketing services we are able to help you with include:

  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Plus many more…


If you’d like a hand with designing your new website and driving traffic to it to generate more leads and sales – please get in touch with Strategic Vision today on 0402 947 412 or email info@strategicvision.com.au.





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